Mechanic Max Polyakov from a Firefly auto garage

Max Polyakov: The Best Mechanic in Lyon Who Established Firefly Auto Garage

Max Polyakov: The Best Mechanic in Lyon Who Established Firefly Auto Garage

Max Polyakov asked a lot of questions about his father’s car especially when it broke down. His father was trying to call a mechanic but Max kept asking why they could not fix it on their own and he even asked his dad why he never had a toolbox. When the mechanics arrived, Max still kept on asking so many questions and he watched keenly as the mechanics fixed the car.

More about Max Polyakov

Decoding the message

Max Polyakov was bought a toy car on his birthday. He dismantled that toy in search of the motor which propels. He wanted to find out what made the car move. This was when his father became fully convinced that he had a young vehicle mechanic in his family.

Another signal from Max

The father of Max Polyakov decided to take Max and his siblings for a youths’ program in their church. 3 days after the program started, Max went missing. They searched for him for half an hour but they did not find him.

Max’s dad decided to take his other children to church but while on his way, he saw someone who looked like Max. He was sitting with other mechanics at a car repair shop. Max’s dad stopped his car and walked to the car repair shop only to find it was Max indeed. Max confessed to his dad that he had always been coming to that repair shop to learn how vehicles are repaired. At this time, Max Polyakov was fifteen years old and was about to finish high school.

Automotive knowledge

Max Polyakov got enrolled in the automatic teaching center. During the introduction session for new students, Max revealed that he got the inspiration to become a mechanic from his father’s vehicles. He further mentioned that he looked forward to having his own garage in the future. He said he would call his garage Firefly, a name he saw at a sticker on his father’s personal van.

Firefly garage

After completing his course, Max Polyakov worked as an intern at a car repair shop for a year.

After his internship, Max told his father about his plans of establishing a garage. Max’s father had already set a land where Max could construct his garage.


Currently, Firefly is the best garage and Max Polyakov has ten employees. The garage is even very famous because Max was given a contract to service government vehicles within Lyon.

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