Mechanic Max Polyakov from a Firefly auto garage

Max Polyakov the Outstanding Mechanic Who Owns a Garage

How Max became a great mechanic

Max Polyakov the Outstanding Mechanic Who Owns a Garage

Max used to ask a lot of questions mostly when his dad’s vehicle had issues. One day when his father’s vehicle had an issue, he tried calling an expert to fix it however his son insisted that they could repair without involving the experts. Max even advised his father to get a toolbox.

While the vehicle experts were fixing the vehicle, Max Polyakov went on asking more and more questions and he observed how they fixed it keenly.

Understanding Max

During his birthday celebration, Max Polyakov received a toy vehicle as a gift. Max dismantled the toy and tried learn how it was able to move. This made his father understand that he was interested in mechanics.

There was still another signal which proved that Max Polyakov was actually going to be mechanic one day. This happened when his father offered to take Max and his other kids to a worship program. Three days later when the event began, Polyakov disappeared.

Polyakov’s father decided to take the other kids to attend the church event without Max. On their way to church, they saw Max Polyakov at a repair shop.

Max Polyakov told his dad that he had always been going to there every time to see how they fix cars. Polyakov by then was only fifteen years old and he was almost clearing his high school education.

Learning how to fix vehicles

Max Polyakov was taken to a vehicle repair training center. All the aspiring mechanics at the center were asked to introduce themselves. Polyakov in his introduction revealed that his father’s vehicles are what inspired him to want to be a mechanic. He also added that his dream is to have his very own repair shop which he would name Firefly. Max got the name Firefly from a sticker at his father’s vehicle.

Max’s vehicle shop

Max Polyakov completed the training at the center and he did his internship at a certain whop for twelve months.

When he finished the internship, Max mentioned to his father about his dream of starting his own vehicle repair shop. His dad already had preserved a piece of land for him and that is where the garage was built.


Presently, Firefly car repair shop is excellent at repairing vehicles and Max Polyakov was offered a contract to repair all the vehicles which belong to the government at Lyon. Check for more inspiring stories like this.

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